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INTRODUCING: Driftwood, your new favorite color! 


Icy, yet warm. Driftwood is the perfect complement to your home. Featuring the rich grays we've come to love, with natural wood underneath. Pair this reclaimed wood with traditional, rustic, or even contemporary styles. We can't wait to see what you do with it! 



  • Authentic Reclaimed Wood: Poppa's Barn reclaimed wood is the real deal, sourced and processed in Southern California. Each board is sun-kissed for 30+ years, resulting in gorgeous, you-can't-make-this-up reclaimed wood. 
  • Easy to clean: Each board of Poppa's Barn reclaimed wood is clear-coated. This means you can touch, feel, and wipe your reclaimed wood wall without the fear of dirt, grime, and rough wood. 
  • Sustainable: Poppa's Barn reclaimed wood takes the old and makes it new again, involving a special process that reduces waste. Poppa's Barn is conscious of the environment and plants one tree with every order through a partnership with a non-profit. 
  • Don't damage your walls: Poppa's Barn reclaimed wood is designed to be installed with finish nails, not peel and stick application. Peel and stick can ruin walls. Poppa doesn't expect you to ever take your reclaimed wall down, but if you do, finish nail holes are easier to patch than ripped apart drywall. 


Order in increments of 21 sq. ft. We recommend purchasing 10% extra, or rounding up, to ensure a matching batch.


In-stock colors ship within 1-2 business days. We will contact you should we have any issues with your order. Contact us with any special requests or what you WOOD like to know! 


We plant one tree with every order through our partners at OneTreePlanted. 

Driftwood Reclaimed Wood

  • Our wood is cleaned, trimmed, and clear-coated.

    • length: 20"-52"
    • width: 4 7/8"
    • thickness: 1/2"